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3 ways to increase your email open rates


3 Ways To Increase Your Email Open Rates

If you’re looking for the most effective inbound marketing strategy, Email marketing is just what the doctor ordered.

Nurturing leads and turning them into customers doesn’t happen quickly, but with the proper techniques and strategies, Email marketing can provide you with outstanding monetary value. Of course, this only happens if your subscribers are actually opening your messages. It would be foolish to assume just because someone signed up for your “FREE OFFER” that they will actually open your messages.

If you are looking to increase your open rates, you’ll want to focus more on the subject line of the email. The more that the subject line grabs the attention of the recipient, the better chance they will open and the read the message.

Here are some key ways to enhance your open rates by optimizing your messages subject lines:

1. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Trying to be clever isn’t always the best move. Your readers should know exactly what to expect when they open their messages. Be clear and be concise as to what they are getting.

Trying to tease your readers with a question? Be sure the question is answered when they open the email.

3 ways to increase your email open rates

2. Make your messages more personal

Although we typically only recieve a persons name and email address, your autoresponder service may also have additional information available such as location.

You should make use of this customer information to personalize your messages.

This doesn’t mean you should look spammy and put your recipient’s name into every subject line. However using the information available, you could draw attention to your message with a geographical location, for instance,

” See what happening in New Jersey Saturday!”

Tracking what purchases your customers have purchased from you can also help. Larger companies use their customer’s purchasing history to integrate new emails with similar offers.

Covering more than a single subject in the subject line makes it seem untidy. If your reader doesn’t understand what the message content is going to be or is confused, chances are they aren’t going to open it. Adding it to the growing pile of cyber trash.  

Try to make your subject lines stay under 50 characters.

This is a common mistake that a lot of marketers have is to make the subject line so long it doesn’t all fit in the subject line field.

If a reader has to open the message to read the full subject line, then it’s too long.

3 Ways to increase Your Email Open Rates infographic

3. Lists and Numbers

When a reader sees a number or a list in the subject line, they know what they are about to read will be helpful to them.

There is a connection for most people between a number or list and helpful information. Being helpful and informative should be your main goal but if the subject line doesn’t have any indication of that, it will have no interest to the recipient.

Numbers have a way of standing out in text so when your subject line is like “5 ways to save for college” you can bet it will be noticed.

When they open the email , they know exactly what to expect and it’s your job to deliver that content, that is if you want them coming back for more.

3 ways to increase your email open rates

Here’s a few tips to keep your messages out of the spam box.

Each individual’s email filters change to adapt to a user’s idea of spam, based of course what they have sent to the spam box in the past.

If you want to bypass the spam filter, then try to avoid these mistakes:

Make $$$Money– any subject lines plastered with ” ‘Get Rich’ ‘Money Back Guarantee’ ‘Get Money’

Punctuation or Crazy Formating-Too much punctuation $%#!!&, all caps or different colors

Too many images– or an image without text

Keeping your subject lines simple, personalization, and making use of numbers and lists are just 3 ways to help get your email open rates optimized.

Remember to avoid sounding pitchy in you messages, no one likes an advertisement but everyone likes to be helped.

As long as your messages come across as helpful and not salesy, you won’t risk ending up in the spam folder