An autoresponder is by far the tool most widely used by marketers. After all, how can you build your list if you have nowhere to put your subscribers? I personally use Aweber for my autoresponder platform. I've put together these videos to help you with signing up through some of the more difficult tasks, such as starting a list and how to start a message series. More coming soon...
How to sign up for Aweber
Easy Aweber sign up
Setting Up Your first List
Easy List Setup in Aweber
Setting Up A Message Series
Easy Message Series Setup
Using Aweber For Capture Page Creation
Short on $$? Use your Aweber Account to Make Squeeze Pages
Getting started building a list is pretty easy (and cheap). But once you start getting subscribers to your list, what do you write them, how often do you write, what do you promote to your list, and most importantly, how do you make money from your list? Here's a few guides to help you get started on the journey of building your list.
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