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how to be a better copywriter
How to be a Better Copywriter

Must Know Copy Writing Skills

If you want to learn how to be a better copywriter, there a few things that you may need to know. There are many different aspects of writing good ad copy and it ranges from a single tweet or facebook post to writing an entire sales page, with the main objective of course to gather followers or better yet, paying customers.

Ad copy is basically the verbage used on just about anything related to marketing. So whether you are selling a product, a service, a program, monthly subscription or software, you need good ad copy to deliver your best message.

If a landing page is the first step of your sales funnel, then the skills you need to pack into that page are beyond what most marketers possess. It will be a hodgepodge (if you will) of master salesperson, designer, SEO, sales analyst, researcher, and of course you need to be the ringleader of them all.

Thats plenty of skills to pack into a single page that is intended to grab the attention of the visitor in a matter of 1-2 seconds.

Landing pages are some of the most important pages in the wide world of marketing and it’s extremely important to make the most of every eyeball that sees it . (After all, you are the one paying for it). You want as many of these visitors to convert as possible.

It’s one thing to get traffic, it’s another beast to get and maintain your subscribers. If you’re┬álucky enough to get the visitor to opt in and get past the landing page, the task gets even more complex.

how to write better ad copy

What exactly is involved in a landing page? There’s quite a few elements that go into a landing page but if you concentrate on the AIDA principle, things will work in your favor.

 The most important element by far would be the Headline. Everything else dwarfs in comparison to the headline.

The main purpose of the headline is to attract attention and your main goal is to get the user to stay on the page. The headline should be the first thing the visitor sees and it affects their eagerness to stay on the page.

A good headline should fulfill some if not all of these roles:

It inspires curiosity

Tells the user what your page is about why the page is important

The headline begins to persuade the visitor and creates a degree of curiosity

It delivers benefits

It promotes desire

It addresses the visitor directly and
creates a sense of anticipation

The headline is an authoritative, compelling, dynamic,energetic, and influential line of text and should not be taken lightly.

You Have To Deliver on the First Visit

Achieving the required expertise in this field would take the average person a lifetime to accomplish. It’s important to implement the A.I.D.A. principle into every piece of content (designed to get a desired reaction) as possible. If you’re not familiar with A.I.D.A. it is simply this…

A.ttention– Grab your visitors attention within the first second or two that they see your page or they could be lost forever.

I.nterest– spark their interest!

D.esire– make the visitor desire what it is you are offering

A.ction-What is the action that you need ? Typically with a landing page it is going to be giving you their email address. Is there something or many things on your page that is going to entice them to give you that information?


Next in the lineup is the subheadline.

That’s the second element of a landing page that creates a bit more persuasion for the visitor. The second most important copy on your page.

After the headline, they are the second most read element on your page. Persuasion is a key element in your ad copy and if you’re not tugging at the heartstrings of your visitor, your missing the connection necessary to increase your click through rate.


free from pain

Add Emotion to Your Copy

I know ,I know…Emotion is for sissy’s! Cowards, Pushovers. Emotion is for creampuffs!

Although that may be true while pumping iron down at the YMCA, it is an all important factor in your adcopy.

Emotions are for humans. Every human. Each human reaches many of their decisions based on emotion. We all operate under the influence of emotion.

Emotion has a stranglehold on the way we react to most everything.

Think about it , if you can cause your visitor to feel the pain they would recieve by not having what you are offering , you have won.

If you can persuade the user that it would be a pleasurable experience to have what you are offering , you have won.

This is exactly the kind of emotional relationship you want to establish.

Writing good copy isn’t quite the same as a blog post or a letter to Mom, however
someone who can write good ad copy can pretty much write their own ticket. Literally. Some of the best copywriters make 7 figures a year and it’s no wonder.
It’s like having your very own money making machine and once you learn it you have the power to create content that will produce a wave of conversions and a flood of money.

It’s an awesome feeling, but it does take practice.

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Your success is just a few practice landing pages away.