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Vick Strizheus is the founder and creator of the 4% Group. With over a decade of experience in the world of online marketing, Vick shares all of the 'Secrets' it takes to create a solid online business.

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The 4% Group doesn't believe in being average. Raising the bar and gaining standards that are above average and ordinary.We challenge the status quo by delivering the most potent
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Providing the highest level education and training for today's entrepreneurs through our online courses, events, local and masterminds, helping our students become the most powerful, influential and dominant figures in their business and life.


We create world-class customized training programs for modern entrepreneurs designed to help them become the most powerful, influential and
dominant figures in their business. …and this is just the beginning. Four Percent is not just another training company, it’s an entrepreneur’s lifestyle brand.

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The 4% Group offers both Free and Paid Memberships. You can set up a free account and enjoy an extensive amount of benefits from the free training while being able to earn as an affiliate. Becomming a Pro level member or a Lifetime member has it's own set of perks, including being able to set up Multiple Streams of Income, multiple done-for-you high converting funnels, complete access to all the training and more. For those having the vision and wanting to go pro, click on the Pro Membership button and watch the amazing video on the next page. For those of you who aren't sure if 4% is right for you and you want to test the waters, click on the Free Membership tab, watch the video, and fill out the form. Either choice you make will be a choice in the right direction. I will be right by your side every step of the way. Follow me through my message series and please, reach out to me on FB and let me know you've made this decision to change your life.
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