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Getting as many people to see your offer, service or product is essential if you want to earn money. Agreed? There cannot be income produced if there is no currency changing hands. I'm also well aware that there are a lot of marketers out there who prefer to use free traffic sources as opposed to paying for it. Although paid traffic produces results in many cases overnight, some just cant afford to shell out money to get it. There are plenty of social media sites that produce results, only on a much slower scale. But used properly, they can help you get off to good start on your journey. Here I have compiled some great tips on starting a Facebook fan page, and how to generate tons of followers. Vick and Chris also give some great tactics on other traffic sources.
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10 Sources of Free Traffic
Online Traffic Strategies
Facebook fan pages and groups are two more solid ways of building a following. While they are different types of pages, both can be a wealth of traffic for you if managed correctly. These two guys know their stuff when it comes to setting up these high engaging pages on Facebook. Why not start yourself a fan or group page today, nurture it and watch your followers grow. As with any free traffic source it takes time o get the ball rolling, but once it starts, there is no limit to the amount of exposure you can have.
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